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Hello Boss!

I believe Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful, heartwarming occasions of the year.

It’s a warm, celebratory way to welcome gratitude.

First and foremost, I value the morning spent with my family — bundled in cozy pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Peeling, boiling, baking and waiting — reveling in simple moments that turn into special memories.

Spending time with great friends is also a wonderful highlight. The conversations are casual. The connections are real.

And the meal! It’s hearty, delicious and always filling! Turkey and twice-baked potatoes. Sweet yams and cornbread stuffing. Pumpkin spiced bread and cinnamon apple sauce.

And then . . . the colors! A gorgeous table setting of rich chocolates accented by a fall centerpiece — branches of pomegranates & berries, plump red dahlias, nestled among yellow and orange ranunculus — dazzling when combined.

Life is full of gifts, big and small.

May you and yours continue to discover and savor life’s gifts — now, and well beyond this magical holiday season.

“All the elements for our happiness are already here. There‘s need to run, to strive,
or struggle. Just be.”




A practical guide to experiencing natural awareness―an effortless and spacious state of resting in the depth or our being.

Do you recall, as a child, being enthralled by a drifting cloud, a rain-soaked leaf, a wandering ladybug? Or suddenly have a sense of timelessness, contentment, and ease? If so, then you’ve already had a taste of natural awareness.



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