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My “Why?” is my burning desire to help female business founders in creating and building a dream of their own through branding and design. Whether it’s sharing the real life stories of fellow entrepreneurs in my podcast or providing tips and tricks in The Little Brand Book, my goal is to share and elevate women everywhere. This course is another tool to help our tribe of female doers reach their goals. It features practical steps in understanding your brand while maximizing its potential. The course is my 21 years of trials and errors distilled for you through classes and workbooks.

This course helped lock in my brand to help me create my story.

a look ahead:

after the kalika course, you’ll be

Identify your brand archetype to be able to connect better with your audience.

Have clarity on the essence of your business and what makes it unique.

Understand who your ideal client and target audience is

Empower yourself with tested branding tools to attract your ideal client

Learn about your color palate, style, font type based on your brand archetype.

Refine your new found info with planners and checklists to keep you on track.

This course took my business to the next level and continues to guide to connect with more of my customers.

Kalika’s course is like no other. She’s helped me realize my business dreams.

Kalika really gets the female entrepreneurial journey we have to go thru!

There’s always something new to learn and this course helped me to envision my company in a new light.


I’m Kalika.

For the past 21 years, I’ve been a serial (concurrent) entrepreneur, inventor, author, podcaster and speaker. My first business is the award-winning interactive design agency Citrus Studios. Based in sunny Santa Monica, CA, Citrus is where I first dove into the entrepreneurial world. Luxe Link, the ultimate handbag accessory responsible for keeping women’s purses off the floor closely followed. My latest venture is Orange & Bergamot offering community, branding and digital solutions for the female founder. I’ve seen and been through the trenches and fully believe in the power of sharing and giving. I believe in the power of the female tribe. I hope this course speaks to you and can’t wait to collectively watch you grow as you move though the learning.

Seize the day with this class. The delay is over. Jump into it!

“I know I had an idea for a business, but the fear and doubts froze me from acting. Kalika’s course gave me the confidence to take the first step.”

Today, I’ve launched my brand while following the course outline. Kalika’s really locked into what women go through when struggling to get the business launched.

Thank you, Kalika for making this so doable!


—Name Name, Company


It’s time to hone in on your brand and elevate your business by understanding your targeted archetype. Join our waitlist and get ready to rock by:

  • Benefiting from Kalika’s 21 years of marketing and branding experience
  • Receiving step-by-step guidance on branding yourself and your business
  • Creating a branding action map to follow through your journey
  • Diving deep into your brand archetype persona to understand your “Why?”
  • Translate your archetype to reach the audience that appeals to you
  • Receiving complimentary worksheets and planners that go hand-in-hand with the brand learning
  • Joining the tribe of women entrepreneurs and the wisdom they’ve collected in their own journeys
the best investment you’ll make

There’s nothing better than investing in yourself. I love to learn and this course taught me valuable lessons on how I can position my company for the next 25 years.

“Kalika really has done it and thank you for sharing your experiences so that many others can benefit.”


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“Kalika’s course has silenced the inner doubts of whether I can start a business or not. I’m so excited to take what I’ve learned and run with it.”

I never knew what it took to start my business. I thought it was just make my products, slap together a website and start selling. Kalika’s course has opened my eyes to rethink what’s needed to create my brand story. She’s given me the tools to envision my brand story, plan a strategy and execute so that my customers experience and feel what my company is all about.

—Name Name, Company

The time is now. Join the fastest growing female founder tribe and become that entrepreneur that’s in you.

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