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Keep inspired in this time of crisis.

Hello Boss!

This crisis or pandemic has really created an opportunity for people to be innovative.

Has your company been disseminated? What if you have to rebuild your product and brand?

Inspiration is one of the most important parts of the process of re-building a product and brand.

You need inspiration, energy and motivation to drive your entire company and product.

It’s important to keep inspiration personal.

  • What inspires you personally?
  • What are you naturally drawn to in life?

You can find your inspiration by becoming an active observer of life. 

Go out into the virtual world, save brand inspiration on Pinterestor Collect.

When things open up, spend time in a public place (such as a park, a museum, a library, or on city streets) and engage with your surroundings. document with a camera, a journal, or sketchbook.

We start the research and development process with a style sheet and mood board.

A mood board, which can be physical or digital, is a collection of drawings, images, photographs, quotes, or other objects that help to hone your vision.

Choose images that you’re drawn to. Step back and see if a pattern or a theme emerges.

Even if you’ve already developed a product or started a company, creating a mood board can be a unifying tool to ensure that every step you take with your product and company remains consistent in its goals, imaging, messaging, and brand voice.

Where else do you find inspiration?  Do share! 



You have to say no to a lot of good things in order to be able to say yes to a lot of great things.


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