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Things to get you through this time

Hello Boss! I’ve compiled some of my favorite tools, links & resources that I’ve found helpful to get me through this time! XoxoKalika “Success is not final, failure is  not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” — WINSTON S. CHURCHILL Recommended Viewing

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Anyone for Seconds?

Hello Boss! The entrepreneur will not be at work today. She has silenced her slack and muted her memes. Notifications are set to turn on — never. The entrepreneur is asleep. The only Tiks and Toks are coming from the rain against her window. She

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Flattening the Nerve

Hello Boss! I’m not usually one to freak out but I’m probably (like you) worried about the coronavirus pandemic. It doesn’t help that it’s been a torrential downpour here in Los Angeles and that I witnessed a pedestrian crossing on Wilshire and Westwood being hit

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Wabi sabi – The Joyful Pursuit of Imperfection

One of the things I see holding women back is their pursuit of perfection. Perfection is an invisible wall that keeps us from getting out and doing. Wabi sabi is a Japanese concept that shows us that the beauty of the fleeting unchangeable and imperfect

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On Purpose

Hello Boss! What’s the meaning of life? Why do some people know what they want and have a passion for life while others languish in confusion? According to the Japanese: everyone has an ikigai — a purpose for living. A French philosopher might call it

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How a Risk-Averse Founder Built Her Ice Cream Dream Company

With her house and 401(k) on the line, Salt & Straw’s Kim Malek stood out in the rain selling ice cream during her first entrepreneurial summer. Spoiler alert: Things worked out. Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is proud to support International Women’s Day, March 8, by focusing on female


Beyond Resilience

Hello Boss! The first time Hercules faced the Hydra of Lerna (the serpentine water monster with nine heads) — he despaired. Hercules discovered that each time he cut off one of the heads — two would grow in its place. The Hydra possessed a special

All the Right Moves

Hello Boss! Most of the woman entrepreneurs I know are extremely capable and diligent.They’re willing to do the hard work it takes to run a business. They’ll send a deck to an investor and a proposal to a client. They’re willing to make the first

Addition by Subtraction

Hello Boss! In the 1970s, a movement began in Japan. Companies began proactively removing every type of inefficiency and waste during their production process. This focus on prolific productivity came to be known as “lean production”. Companies redesign workspaces to reduce wasted motion. They’d subtract

Stop. Start. Continue. . .

Hello Boss! One of the most useful exercises I learned when I first joined EO the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is the Stop, Start and Continue Exercise. The Stop, Start and Continue Exercise is not only useful in your business but can be immensely helpful in your personal life