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Addition by Subtraction

Hello Boss! In the 1970s, a movement began in Japan. Companies began proactively removing every type of inefficiency and waste during their production process. This focus on prolific productivity came to be known as “lean production”. Companies redesign workspaces to reduce wasted motion. They’d subtract

Stop. Start. Continue. . .

Hello Boss! One of the most useful exercises I learned when I first joined EO the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is the Stop, Start and Continue Exercise. The Stop, Start and Continue Exercise is not only useful in your business but can be immensely helpful in your personal life

A Pocketful of Peculiar

Hello Boss! As entrepreneurs, we’re often put in unusual and extraordinary circumstances. While it can be overwhelming at times, I believe it gives us an upper hand — especially when it comes to creativity. When we’re put in unconventional situations and can observe, stay open

A Master Plan

Hello Boss! What’s your secret wish this year? A Wall Street Journal best selling book?Abundance?Honesty?Presence?Joy? I believe anything is possible this year. The secret? Looking back before looking ahead. The Year Ahead Planner is a great tool that will allow you to do just that.

A Question of Time

Hello Boss! As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time wondering what the future holds for us — whether we’ll know success, whether we’ll reach our goals. What if . . .the future is ours to create? What if . . .chance, luck, and opportunity

Forward with Hope

Hello Boss! It’s impossible to predict the future but once you design something — it changes the future that’s possible. As we enter the orbit of 2020, know that you can start designing a life that’s not only impactful but fulfilling and joyful. Stop trying

Manner of Fact

Hello Boss! I believe that good manners are at the essence of good communication. Consider Emily Post’s words, (wise when she first wrote them in her Etiquette Book over a hundred years ago) and still relevant today: “Charm cannot exist without good manners — meaning by this,

The Fifth Floor

Hello Boss! In my early twenties, I lived on the fifth floor of a 450 square foot walkup in New York above a bagel shop with my effable roommate Stephanie Hebert from Louisiana. No bellman. Just two doors leading you up to five flights of

Bring It

Hello Boss! I’ve always been fascinated by people who perform at a higher level. We all have the same amount of time. How do these extraordinary people get more done? How do people reach their BHAG — Big Hairy Audacious Goals? I believe it’s two-fold.

The Magic Beyond

Hello Boss! I believe Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful, heartwarming occasions of the year. It’s a warm, celebratory way to welcome gratitude. First and foremost, I value the morning spent with my family — bundled in cozy pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Peeling, boiling,